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Gabon is a sovereign state on the equator at the west coast of Central Africa. Gabon has an area of nearly 270,000 sq. km. (100,000 sq. mi.), and its population is estimated at 1.5 million people. Gabon’s capital and largest city is Libreville. Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Gabon is divided into nine provinces. The provinces of Gabon are divided into fifty departments.

Estuaire Province

Libreville Department and City

Libreville (largest city, capital)
Owendo (the port of Libreville)

Komo Department

Kango (capital)

Komo-Mondah Department

Ntoum (capital)

Noya Department

Cocobeach (capital)

Cap Estérias Department

Cap Estérias (capital)

Komo-Océan Department

Ndzomoe (capital)

Haut-Ogooué Province

Djoue Department

Onga (capital)

Djououri-Aguilli Department

Bongoville (capital)

Lekoni-Lekori Department

Akieni (capital)

Lekoko Department

Bakoumba (capital)

Leboumbi-Leyou Department

Moanda (capital)

Mpassa Department

Franceville (capital)

Plateaux Department

Leconi (capital)

Sebe-Brikolo Department

Okondja (capital)

Ogooué-Létili Department

Boumango City (capital)

Lékabi-Léwolo Department

Ngouoni (capital)

Bayi-Brikolo Department

Aboumi (capital)

Moyen-Ogooué Province

Abanga-Bigne Department

Ndjole (capital)

Ogooue et des Lacs Department

Lambaréné (capital)

Ngounié Province

Boumi-Louetsi Department

Mbigou (capital)

Dola Department

Ndendé (capital)

Douya-Onoy Department

Mouila (capital)

Louetsi-Bibaka Department

Malinga (capital)

Louetsi-Wano Department

Lebamba (capital)

Mougalaba Department

Guietsou (capital)

Ndolou Department

Mandji (capital)

Ogoulou Department

Mimongo (capital)

Tsamba-Magotsi Department

Fougamou (capital)

Nyanga Province

Basse-Banio Department

Mayumba (capital)

Douigni Department

Moabi (capital)

Doutsila Department

Mabanda (capital)

Haute-Banio Department

Ndindi (capital)

Mongo Department

Binza (capital)

Mougoutsi Department

Tchibanga (capital)

Ogooué-Ivindo Province

Ivindo Department

Makokou (capital)

Lope Department

Booue (capital)

Mvoung Department

Ovan (capital)

Zadie Department

Mekambo (capital)

Ogooué-Lolo Province

Lolo-Bouenguidi Department

Koulamoutou (capital)

Lombo-Bouenguidi Department

Pana (capital)

Mouloundou Department

Lastoursville (capital)

Offoué-Onoye Department

Iboundji (capital)

Ogooué-Maritime Province

Bendje Department

Port-Gentil (capital)

Etimboue Department

Omboue (capital)

Ndougou Department

Gamba (capital)

Woleu-Ntem Province

Haut-Komo Department

Medouneu (capital)

Haut-Ntem Department

Minvoul (capital)

Ntem Department

Bitam (capital)

Okano Department

Mitzic (capital)

Woleu Department

Oyem (capital)

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