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Guinea is divided into four natural regions with distinct human, geographic, and climatic characteristics:

Maritime Guinea (La Guinée Maritime) covers 18% of the country
Middle Guinea (La Moyenne-Guinée) covers 20% of the country
Upper Guinea (La Haute-Guinée) covers 38% of the country
Forested Guinea (Guinée forestière) covers 23% of the country, and is both forested and mountainous

Guinea is divided into eight administrative regions, and subdivided into thirty-three prefectures.

Conakry City Region

Conakry is a special city with a single region and prefecture government. The local government of the city has five municipal communes:

Kaloum – the city centre
Dixinn – including the University of Conakry and many embassies
Ratoma – known for its nightlife
Matoto – home to Conakry International Airport

Nzérékoré Region

Beyla Prefecture

Beyla Sup-prefecture
Boola Sub-prefecture
Diara-Guerela Sub-prefecture
Diassodou Sub-prefecture
Fouala Sub-prefecture
Gbakedou Sub-prefecture
Gbessoba Sub-prefecture
Karala Sub-prefecture
Koumandou Sub-prefecture
Moussadou Sub-prefecture
Nionsomoridou Sub-prefecture
Samana Sub-prefecture
Sinko Sub-prefecture
Sokourala Sub-prefecture

Guéckédou Prefecture

Guéckédou-Centre Sub-prefecture
Bolodou Sub-prefecture
Fangamadou Sub-prefecture
Guendembou Sub-prefecture
Kassadou Sub-prefecture
Koundou Sub-prefecture
Nongoa Sub-prefecture
Ouéndé-Kénéma Sub-prefecture
Tekoulo Sub-prefecture
Termessadou-Dibo Sub-prefecture

Lola Prefecture

Lola-Centre Sub-prefecture
Bossou Sub-prefecture
Foumbadou Sub-prefecture
Gama Sub-prefecture
Guéassou Sub-prefecture
Kokota Sub-prefecture
Lain Sub-prefecture
N’Zoo Sub-prefecture
Tounkarata Sub-prefecture

Macenta Prefecture

Macenta-Centre Sub-prefecture
Balizia Sub-prefecture
Binikala Sub-prefecture
Bofossou Sub-prefecture
Daro Sub-prefecture
Fassankoni Sub-prefecture
Kouankan Sub-prefecture
Koyamah Sub-prefecture
N’Zébéla Sub-prefecture
Ourémai Sub-prefecture
Panziazou Sub-prefecture
Sengbédou Sub-prefecture
Sérédou Sub-prefecture
Vassérédou Sub-prefecture
Watanka Sub-prefecture

Nzérékoré Prefecture (capital)

Nzérékoré-Centre Sub-prefecture
Bounouma Sub-prefecture
Gouécké Sub-prefecture
Kobéla Sub-prefecture
Koropara Sub-prefecture
Koulé Sub-prefecture
Palé Sub-prefecture
Samoé Sub-prefecture
Soulouta Sub-prefecture
Womey Sub-prefecture
Yalenzou Sub-prefecture

Yomou Prefecture

Yomou-Centre Sub-prefecture
Banié Sub-prefecture
Bheeta Sub-prefecture
Bignamou Sub-prefecture
Bowé Sub-prefecture
Djécké Sub-prefecture
Péla Sub-prefecture

Kankan Region

Kankan Prefecture (capital)

Kérouané Prefecture

Kouroussa Prefecture

Mandiana Prefecture

Siguiri Prefecture

Kindia Region

Coyah Prefecture

Dubréka Prefecture

Forécariah Prefecture

Kindia Prefecture (capital)

Télimélé Prefecture

Boké Region

Boffa Prefecture

Boké Prefecture (capital)

Fria Prefecture

Gaoual Prefecture

Koundara Prefecture

Labé Region

Koubia Prefecture

Labé Prefecture (capital)

Lélouma Prefecture

Mali Prefecture

Tougué Prefecture

Faranah Region

Dabola Prefecture

Dinguiraye Prefecture

Faranah Prefecture (capital)

Kissidougou Prefecture

Mamou Region

Dalaba Prefecture

Mamou Prefecture (capital)

Mamou-Centre Sub-prefecture
Bouliwel Sub-prefecture
Dounet Sub-prefecture
Gongoret Sub-prefecture
Kégnéko Sub-prefecture
Konkouré Sub-prefecture
Nyagara Sub-prefecture
Ouré-Kaba Sub-prefecture
Porédaka Sub-prefecture
Saramoussaya Sub-prefecture
Soyah Sub-prefecture
Téguéréya Sub-prefecture
Timbo Sub-prefecture
Tolo Sub-prefecture

Pita Prefecture

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