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Lesotho (officially the Kingdom of Lesotho) is a landlocked country completely surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho is just over 30,000 sq. km. (11,583 sq. mi.) in size, and has a population over two million.

Lesotho is divided into 10 districts, each with its own capital known as a camptown. Districts are subdivided into 80 constituencies, and 129 local community councils. Each local community council governs their respective towns and villages.

Berea District

Kanana Community

Berea Mission
Ha ‘Nepe Village
Ha Alanven Village
Ha Bolisi (Qalakheng) Village
Ha Buasono Village
Ha Fako Village
Ha Fusi Village
Ha Jubile Village
Ha Lehlohonolo Village
Ha Leluma Village
Ha Lenkathebe Village
Ha Lepamo Village
Ha Mabekenyane Village
Ha Makebe Village
Ha Makoanyane Village
Ha Makoatlane (Lekokoaneng) Village
Ha Makola Village
Ha Malofosa Village
Ha Maope Village
Ha Mapokotsa Village
Ha Marapo Village
Ha Mohoang Village
Ha Moketetsa Village
Ha Mokhele Village
Ha Mokhenene (Lekokoaneng) Village
Ha Mokhoele Village
Ha Mokhohlane (Lekokoaneng) Village
Ha Moloko (Lekokoaneng) Village
Ha Motsikoane Village
Ha Motšoene Village
Ha Mpiko Village
Ha Ntaja Village
Ha Rakoloi Village
Ha Ralinakanyane (Lekokoaneng) Village
Ha Ralisieng (Lekokoaneng) Village
Ha Ramoseeka Village
Ha Sakoane Village
Ha Sebolai Village
Ha Shadrack Village
Ha Sole Village
Ha Souru Village
Ha Tau Village
Letsatseng (Ha Majara) Village
Liboping Village
Linokong (Lekokoaneng) Village
Liphiring Village
Lithakong Village
Litšiling (Lekokoaneng) Village
Lovely Rock (Ha Majara) Village
Mafotholeng Village
Malumeng Village
Maqhaka Village
Matšeng Village
Matsitsing Village
Sekhutloaneng Village
Senyotong Village
Shano-Leholo (Lekokoaneng) Village
Thabana-Tšooana Village
Tsereoane (Sekolong) Village
Tsoili-Tsoili Village

Kueneng Community

Bakaneng Village
Baking Village
Bela-Bela (Moreneng) Village
Bela-Bela West Village
Ha ‘Mahlabachana (Bela-Bela) Village
Ha ‘Makotola Village
Ha Hlajoane Village
Ha Khasane Village
Ha Khororo Village
Ha Kopi Village
Ha Lebentlele Village
Ha Lephallo Village
Ha Letsoela Village
Ha Leutsoa Village
Ha Makhetha Village
Ha Makotola Village
Ha Malibeng Village
Ha Masasa Village
Ha Mashetla Village
Ha Matooane Village
Ha Matsoai Village
Ha Mohale Village
Ha Monyatso Village
Ha Mora-Thaba Village
Ha Moratoe Village
Ha Mosekeseke Village
Ha Moshoai Village
Ha Mpiti Village
Ha Nkhekhe Village
Ha Nkuebe Village
Ha Nteleki Village
Ha Ntisa Village
Ha Ntoro Village
Ha Pakalitha Village
Ha Peete Village
Ha Pelele (Lipeleseng) Village
Ha Pitso Village
Ha Qopana Village
Ha Rajone Village
Ha Ralekeke Village
Ha Raletsae Village
Ha Ratomo Village
Ha Seisa (Kolojane) Village
Ha Thuhloane Village
Ha Tlelaka Village
Ha Tšepo (Kolojane) Village
Ha Tsolo Village
Khotsis Village
Likhutlong Village
Lilepeng (Kolojane) Village
Mafika-Lisiu (Masaleng) Village
Mafotholeng Village
Mafotholeng (Motse-Mocha) Village
Malebesana (Ha Nyaka) Village
Maphiring Village
Masaleng (Lejoe Motho) Village
Mechaling Village
Moeaneng (Bela-Bela) Village
Moetsuoa Village
Mokomahatsi Village
Moneaneng Village
Morapamiseng Village
Motse-Mocha Village
Paballong Village
Seatoma Village
Seforong Village
Thabana-Ntlenyana Village
Tuke Village

Mabote Community

Bochabela I (Khubetsoana) Village
Bochabela II (Khubetsoana) Village
Boinyatso Village
Ha Rankhala (Khubetsoana) Village
Ha Rasetimela (Naleli) Village
Khutsong (Naleli) Village
Kuruoane Village
Lecop (Khubetsoana) Village
Lifelekoaneng Village
Litupung (Maqalika) Village
Majara Section (Khubetsoana) Village
Mapeleng (Ha Mabote) Village
Maqalika Village
Masetlaokong (Khubetsoana) Village
Matebeleng (Khubetsoana) Village
Mookoli Village
Motlakaseng (Ha Mabote) Village
Ngoana-Oa-Lla (Khubetsoana) Village
Ntširele (Khubetsoana) Village
Phahameng (Ha Mabote) Village
Phahameng (Khubetsoana) Village
Phopholetsa (Ha Mabote) Village
Rural (Khubetsoana) Village
Sebaboleng Village
Sekamaneng Village
Sekoting (Khubetsoana) Village
Selakhapane Village
Taung (Ha Mabote) Village
Taung (Khubetsoana) Village
Thoteng (Ha Mabote) Village

Makeoana Community

Bophephetsa Village
Ha ‘Makaliso Village
Ha ‘Malekhase Village
Ha ‘Mamatebele Village
Ha ‘Mapa Village
Ha ‘Molaoa Village
Ha Bela-Besa Village
Ha Boranta Village
Ha Chabeli Village
Ha Chakatsa Village
Ha Chetane (Ha Tau) Village
Ha Jobo Village
Ha Khamothi Village
Ha Khoarai Village
Ha Khopo Village
Ha Kutsupa Village
Ha Lebese Village
Ha Lebona Village
Ha Lejaha Village
Ha Lesibe Village
Ha Letsie Village
Ha Lieta Village
Ha Mahana Village
Ha Maime Village
Ha Makhaola Village
Ha Makoanyane Village
Ha Makomo Village
Ha Makopotsa Village
Ha Malepa Village
Ha Malibeng Village
Ha Mangana Village
Ha Mangoato Village
Ha Maqotoane Village
Ha Masopha (Meeling) Village
Ha Matekane (Ha Kota) Village
Ha Matsa Village
Ha Matsoso Village
Ha Mokoena Village
Ha Molikuoa Village
Ha Monyai Village
Ha Mothakathi Village
Ha Mothethi Village
Ha Nkunyane Village
Ha Nkutu (Sebetia) Village
Ha Nkutunyane (Tloaalang) Village
Ha Nonyana Village
Ha Ntsane Village
Ha Oetsi Village
Ha Phatsoa Village
Ha Pita Village
Ha Posholi Village
Ha Pulumo Village
Ha Puoane Village
Ha Raletsae Village
Ha Ramohobo Village
Ha Seana Village
Ha Seme Village
Ha Seraha-Majoe Village
Ha Taaso Village
Ha Thabo Village
Ha Thebe (Sebetia) Village
Ha Tobolela Village
Khetha Village
Khoakhoeng Village
Khokhoba Village
Lehlakaneng Village
Lihlolong Village
Liphakoeng Village
Machalefose Village
Mafikeng Village
Mafotholeng Village
Maholong Village
Makh’anfolei Village
Makhalong Village
Makhanfolehi Village
Maluba-Lube Village
Mankoeng Village
Maphatšoaneng Village
Matangoaneng Village
Matemeng Village
Meeling Village
Mokoallong Village
Motse-Mocha (Qethane) Village
Motsekuoa Village
Nkhetheleng Village
Phahameng Village
Pokellong Village
Qethane Village
Sehlabeng Village
Sekokoaneng Village
Terai Hoek Village
Thabana-Tšooana Village
Tsipa Village
Vukazenzele Village

Maluba-Lube Community

Mapoteng Community

Motanasela Community

Phuthiatsana Community

Senekane Community

Tebe-Tebe Community

Butha-Buthe District

Kao Community

Likila Community

Linakeng Community

Lipelaneng Community

Liqhobong Community

Makhunoane Community

‘Moteng Community

Ntelle Community

Sekhobe Community

Ts’A-Le-Moleka Community

Leribe District

Fenyane Community

Hleoheng Community

Khomokhoana Community

Limamarela Community

Linare Community

Litjotjela Community

Maisa-Phoka Community

Malaoaneng Community

Manka Community

Matlameng Community

Menkhoaneng Community

Motati Community

Mphorosane Community

Pitseng Community

Sephokong Community

Serupane Community

Seshote Community

Tsoilitsoili Community

Mafeteng District

Koti-Se-Phola Community

Makaota Community

‘Makholane Community

‘Malakeng Community

Malumeng Community

‘Mamants’O Community

Monyake Community

Mathula Community

Metsi-Maholo Community

Qibing Community

Ramoetsana Community

Tajane Community

Maseru District

Abia Community

Likalaneng Community

Lilala Community

Lithabaneng Community

Lithoteng Community

Makheka Community

Makhoarane Community

Makhaleng Community

Makolopetsane Community

Manonyane Community

Maseru Central Community

Mazenod Community

Mohlakeng Community

Motimposo Community

Nyakosoba Community

Qiloane Community

Qoaling Community

Ratau Community

Ribaneng Community

Semonkong Community

Stadium Area Community

Telle Community

Mohale’s Hoek District

Khoelenya Community

Likhutloaneng Community

Mashaleng Community

Mootsinyane Community

Nkau Community

Phamong Community

Qabane Community

Qhobeng Community

Qobong Community

Seroto Community

Siloe Community

Teke Community

Thaba Mokhele Community

Thaba Bosiu Community

Mokhotlong District

Khalahali Community

Khubelu Community

Linakaneng Community

Liphamola Community

Mapholaneng Community

Marung Community

Mateanong Community

Matsoku Community

Molika-Liko Community

Moremoholo Community

Pae-La-Itlhatsoa Community

Popa Community

Rafolatsane Community

Sakeng Community

Tekeseleng Community

Qacha’s Nek District

Khomo-Phatsoa Community

Letloepe Community

Maseepho Community

Matebeng Community

Mosenekeng Community

Patlong Community

Ramatšeliso Community

Ratšoleli Community

Thaba-Khubelu Community

Thaba-Litšoene Community

Whitehill Community

Quthing District

Likhohlong Community

Liphakoe Community

Matsatseng Community

Mkh’Ono Community

Mokotjomela Community

Mphaki Community

Nkoebe Community

Qomoqomong Community

Seforong Community

Tsatsane Community

Thaba-Tseka District

Bobete Community

Bokong Community

Khohlo-Ntso Community

Lesobeng Community

Linakeng Community

Litsoetse Community

Malehloana Community

Monyetleng Community

Mphe-Lebeko Community

Rapoleboea Community

Senotong Community

Thaba-Kholo Community

Urban Council Community

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