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Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa. Chad is divided into a desert zone in the north, an arid Sahelian belt in the centre, and a more fertile Sudanese savanna zone in the south. Lake Chad is the second-largest in Africa. At 1,284,000 sq. km. (496,000 sq. mi.), Chad is the world’s 21st-largest country. Each year a tropical weather system known as the “intertropical front” crosses Chad from south to north, bringing a wet season that lasts from May to October in the south, and from June to September in the Sahel. Chad’s population is 10,146,000 (2005); 25.8% live in urban areas and 74.8% in rural areas. Urban life is virtually restricted to the capital, whose population is mostly engaged in commerce. Chad had the fourth highest score (behind Sudan) on the Failed State Index of 2012.

Chad is divided into 22 regions, which are divided into departments, which are further sub-divided into sub-prefectures.

Bahr el Gazel Region

Barh El Gazel Nord Department

Dourgoulanga Sub-prefecture
Mandjoura Sub-prefecture
Salal Sub-prefecture (capital)

Barh El Gazel Sud Department

Amsilep Sub-prefecture
Chadra Sub-prefecture
Michemiré Sub-prefecture
Moussoro Sub-prefecture (capital)

Batha Region

Batha Est Department

Am Sack Sub-prefecture
Assinet Sub-prefecture
Haraze Djombo Kibit Sub-prefecture
Oum Hadjer Sub-prefecture (capital)

Batha Ouest Department

Ati Sub-prefecture (capital)
Djedaa Sub-prefecture
Hidjilidje Sub-prefecture
Koundjourou Sub-prefecture

Fitri Department

Am Djamena Sub-prefecture
Yao Sub-prefecture (capital)

Borkou Region

Borkou Department

Faya-Largeau Sub-prefecture (capital)
Kouba Olanga Sub-prefecture

Borkou Yala Department

Kirdimi Sub-prefecture (capital)
Yarda Sub-prefecture

Chari-Baguirmi Region

Baguirmi Department

Dourbali Sub-prefecture
Maï Aïche Sub-prefecture
Massenya Sub-prefecture (capital)

Chari Department

Koundoul Sub-prefecture
La Loumia Sub-prefecture
Linia Sub-prefecture
Lougoun Sub-prefecture
Mandélia Sub-prefecture (capital)

Loug Chari Department

Bä Illi Sub-prefecture
Bogomoro Sub-prefecture
Bousso Sub-prefecture (capital)
Kouno Sub-prefecture
Mogo Sub-prefecture

Ennedi Region

Ennedi District

Fada Sub-prefecture (capital)
Gouro Sub-prefecture
Kalait Sub-prefecture
Nohi Sub-prefecture
Ounianga Sub-prefecture

Wadi Hawar District

Amdjarass Sub-prefecture (capital)
Bahaï Sub-prefecture
Bao Billiat Sub-prefecture
Kaoura Sub-prefecture
Mourdi Sub-prefecture

Guera Region

Abtouyour Department

Bang-Bang Sub-prefecture
Bitkine Sub-prefecture (capital)

Barh Signaka Department

Chinguil Sub-prefecture
Melfi Sub-prefecture (capital)
Mokofi Sub-prefecture

Guéra Department

Baro Sub-prefecture
Mongo Sub-prefecture (capital)
Niergui Sub-prefecture

Mangalmé Department

Bitchotchi Sub-prefecture
Eref Sub-prefecture
Kouka Sub-prefecture
Mangalmé Sub-prefecture (capital)
Margni Sub-prefecture

Hadjer-Lamis Region

Dababa Department

Bokoro Sub-prefecture (capital)
Gama Sub-prefecture
Moïto Sub-prefecture

Dagana Department

Massakory Sub-prefecture
Karal Sub-prefecture
Tourba Sub-prefecture

Haraze Al Biar Department

Mani Sub-prefecture
Massaguet Sub-prefecture (capital)
N’Djamena Fara Sub-prefecture

Kanem Region

Kanem Department

Kekedina Sub-prefecture
Mao Sub-prefecture (capital)
Melea Sub-prefecture
Wadjigui Sub-prefecture

Nord Kanem Department

Nokou Sub-prefecture (capital)
Ntiona Sub-prefecture
Rig Rig Sub-prefecture
Ziguey Sub-prefecture

Wadi Bissam Department

Am Doback Sub-prefecture
Mondo Sub-prefecture (capital)

Lac Region

Mamdi Department

Bagassola Sub-prefecture
Bol Sub-prefecture (capital)
Daboua Sub-prefecture
Kangalam Sub-prefecture
Liwa Sub-prefecture

Wayi Department

Doum Doum Sub-prefecture
Kouloudia Sub-prefecture
N’gouri Sub-prefecture (capital)

Logone Occidental Region

Logone Oriental Region

Mandoul Region

Mayo-Kebbi Est Region

Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Region

Moyen-Chari Region

N’Djamena Region

Ouaddai Region

Salamat Region

Sila Region

Tandjile Region

Tibesti Region

Wadi Fira Region

Biltine Department

Am Zoer Sub-prefecture
Arada Sub-prefecture
Biltine Sub-prefecture (capital)
Mata Sub-prefecture

Dar Tama Department

Guéréda Sub-prefecture (capital)
Kolonga Sub-prefecture
Sirim Birke Sub-prefecture

Kobé Department

Iriba Sub-prefecture (capital)
Matadjana Sub-prefecture
Tiné Djagaraba Sub-prefecture

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