Guinea Bissau

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Guinea-Bissau is divided into 8 regions (regiões) + 1 autonomous sector (sector autónomo). Regions are subdivided into 37 Sectors.

Bafatá Region

Bafatá Sector

Bambadinca Sector

Contuboel Sector

Galomaro Sector

Gamamundo Sector

Xitole Sector

Biombo Region

Prabis Sector

Quinhamel Sector

Safim Sector

Bissaua City Autonomous Sector

Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. The city’s borders are the same as the Bissau Autonomous Sector. In 2007, the city had an estimated population of 407,424 according to the Instituto Nacional de Estatística e Censos.

Bolama Region

Bolama Sector

Bolama Island
Galinhas Island
Some adjacent islands in the north-east of the region
The coastal strip

Bubaque Sector

South of the Bijagós Archipelago

Bubaque Island
Orangozinho Island
Meneque Island
Orango Island
Soga Island
Rubane Island
Roxa Island
João Viera Island

Caravela Sector

North-west of the Bijagós Archipelago

Caravela Island
Carache Island
Uno Island
Unhacomo Island
Uracane Island
Enu Island
Formosa Island
Ponta Island
Maio Island

Cacheu Region

Bigene Sector

Bula Sector

Cacheu Sector

Caió Sector

Canghungo Sector

São Domingos Sector

Gabu Region

Boé Sector

Gabú Sector

Piche Sector

Pirada Sector

Sonaco Sector

Oio Region

Bissorã Sector

Farim Sector

Mansaba Sector

Mansoa Sector

Nhacra Sector

Quinara Region

Buba Sector

Empada Sector

Fulacunda Sector

Tite Sector

Tombali Region

Bedanda Sector

Cacine Sector

Catio Sector

Quebo Sector

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