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Liberia covers an area of 111,369 sq. km. (43,000 sq. mi.) and is home to about 4 million people. Liberia is divided into 15 counties, which are subdivided into 90 districts, which are further subdivided into clans.

Bomi County

Tubmanburg is the county capital.

Dewoin District

Klay District

Mecca District

Senjeh District

Bong County

Gbarnga is the county capital.

Boinsen District

Fuamah District

Jorquelleh District

Kokoyah District

Kpaai District

Panta District

Salala District

Sanayea District

Suakoko District

Tukpahblee District

Yeallequellah District

Zota District

Gbarpolu County

Belleh District

Bokomu District

Bopolu District

Bopulu (county capital)

Gbarma District

Gounwolaila District

Kongba District

Grand Bassa County

Buchanan is the county capital.

Commonwealth District

District #1

District #2

District #3

District #4

Neekreen District

Owensgrove District

St. John River District

Grand Cape Mount County

Robertsport is the county capital.

Commonwealth District

Garwula District

Gola Konneh District

Porkpa District

Tewor District

Grand Gedeh County

Zwedru is the county capital.

Gbarzon District

Konobo District

Tchien District

Grand Kru County

Barclayville is the county capital.

Sasstown District

Buah District

Upper Kru Coast District

Lower Kru Coast District

Lofa County

Foya District

Kolahun District

Salayea District

Vahun District

Voinjama District

Voinjama (county capital)

Zorzor District

Margibi County

Firestone District

Gibi District

Kakata District

Kakata (county capital)

Mambah-Kaba District

Maryland County

Gwelekpoken District

Harper District

Harper (county capital)

Karluway #1 District

Karluway #2 District

Nyonken District

Pleebo/Sodoken District

Whojah District

Montserrado County

Bensonville is the county capital.

Careysburg District

Todee District

Greater Monrovia District (recognized but unofficial)

St. Paul River District (recognized but unofficial)

Nimba County

Boe & Quilla District

Buu-Yao District

Doe District

Garr Bain District

Gbehlageh (Gbehlay-Geh) District

Gbi & Doru District

Gbor District

Kparblee District

Leewehpea-Mahn District

Meinpea-Mahn District

Sanniqquellie-Mahn District

Sanniquellie (county capital)

Twan River District

Wee-Gbehy-Mahn District

Yarmein District

Yarpea Mahn District

Yarwein Mehnsonnoh District

Zoe-Gbao District

Rivercess County

Bearwor District

Central RiverCess District

Rivercess (county capital)

Doedain District

Fen River District

Jo River District

Norwein District

Sam Gbalor District

Zartlahn District

River Gee County

Fish Town is the county capital.

Chedepo District

Gbeapo District

Glaro District

Karforh District

Nanee District

Nyenawliken District

Nyenebo District

Potupo District

Sarbo District

Tuobo District

Sinoe County

Bodae District

Bokon District

Butaw District

Dugbe River District

Greenville District

Greenville (county capital)

Jaedae District

Jaedepo District

Juarzon District

Kpayan District

Kulu Shaw Boe District

Plahn Nyarn District

Pynes Town District

Sanquin District 1

Sanquin District 2

Sanquin District 3

Seekon District

Wedjah District

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