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Mauritania (officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania) is a country in the Maghreb region of western North Africa. About 90% of Mauritania is desert. Mauritania is the eleventh largest country in Africa. About 20% of the population lives on less than US$1.25 per day. Slavery in Mauritania is a major human rights issue. Estimates suggest 10% to 20% of the population (340,000 to 680,000 people) is enslaved.

Mauritania is divided into twelve regions (wilaya or régions) + the capital district, Nouakchott. These regions are subdivided into 44 departments (moughataa).

Adrar Region

Aoujeft Department

Atar Department


Chinguetti Department

Ouadane Department

Assaba Region

Barkéol Department

Boumdeïd Department

Guerou Department

Kankoussa Department

Kiffa Department

Kiffa (capital)

Brakna Region

Aleg Department

Aleg (capital)

Bababe Department

Boghé Department

M’Bagne Department

Magta-Lahjar Department

Dakhlet Nouadhibou Region

Nouadhibou (capital)

Gorgol Region

Kaedi Department

Kaédi (capital)

M’Bout Department

Maghama Department

Monguel Department

Guidimaka Region

Ould Yenge Department

Selibaby Department

Sélibaby (capital)

Hodh Ech Chargui Region

Amourj Department

Bassiknou Department

Djiguenni Department

Néma Department


Oualata Department

Timbédra Department

N’Beiket Lehwach Department

Hodh El Gharbi Region

Aïoun Department

Ayoun el Atrous

Koubenni Department

Tamchekett Department

Tintane Department

Inchiri Region


Nouakchott (capital district)

Arafat District
Dar Naim District
El Mina District
Ksar District
Riad District
Sebkha District
Tevragh-Zeina District
Teyarett District
Toujounine District

Tagant Region

Moudjeria District

Tichit District

Tidjikja District


Tiris Zemmour Region

Bir Moghrein District

F’Derik District

Zouérat District


Trarza Region

Boutilimit District

Keur Massene District

Mederdra District

Ouad Naga District

R’Kiz District

Rosso District


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